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24″ Weed Marijuana Leaf

  • 24 inch mylar foil balloon
  • Weed leaf shape
  • Great for 420 celebrations



Introducing the 24″ Weed Marijuana Leaf Foil Balloon – a groovy and eye-catching addition to any cannabis-themed celebration or chill-out session! This larger-than-life balloon captures the iconic shape of the marijuana leaf in vibrant, metallic foil, making it a standout centerpiece that’s sure to spark conversation and laughter.

Crafted from high-quality foil material, this balloon boasts rich colors and intricate details that bring the iconic marijuana leaf to life in all its leafy glory. From the serrated edges to the distinct veins, every aspect of this balloon is designed to capture the essence of this beloved botanical symbol.


Inflated, Non-Inflated


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