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Aluminum Half Steam Pan Lid

Pan Lid measuring 12 13/16in long x 10 7/16in wide x 5/8in deep. Made in the USA.



Preserve the moisture and flavors of your dishes while keeping dust, unwanted touches, and insects at bay! This Aluminum Half Steam Pan Lid is designed to cover a half-size (12 1/2 inches long) chafing dish, folding neatly beneath the rim for a snug, secure fit. It’s a more robust and dependable option compared to traditional aluminum foil. You can also repurpose the lid for food storage after your event, or simply recycle it. Each package includes one Aluminum Half Steam Pan Lid, measuring 12 13/16 inches in length, 10 7/16 inches in width, and 5/8 inches in depth. Proudly made in the USA.


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